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Most of you don’t know that I married a celebrity (Olympian and professional ice-dancer) and that we, now, abode in picturesque New Hampshire. Recently, she interviewed for SKATING Magazine. I will brag on my wife every chance I get.

I can, with one-hundred percent confidence, tell you that my wife is just as impressive in her personal life as she is in public.

I’m so proud of the woman Emily is, and the inspiration she is to so many girls.

Select the photo to go to article! Link expires with next issue.

Want to learn more about Emily and I? Visit my about page here.

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7 responses to “My wife featured in SKATING Magazine”

  1. Ekmark, Tanya Avatar
    Ekmark, Tanya

    Hey Alex! First, I love the family picture. You have a beautiful family! Second, that is one of the sweetest testimonies I have heard from a husband! I am beyond excited for your wife to have been blessed with such a gift. It is something, I hope, she will share with your children; how awesome would it be to have both of them partners as an Olympic skating pair. Lol I often wished my daughter and at least one of my sons would be dance partners. I was a professional ballroom dancer until I had my daughter 21 yrs ago, unfortunately dancing was not “their thing”…. instead I have a Black Belt and future nature conservationists. ??????? I am sure she has been an inspiration to others as well. Congratulations Emily and Alex!! Sincerely, Tanya ??

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    1. Hi, Tanya!

      I do my best to be my wife’s biggest cheerleader.
      That’s awesome you did ballroom dancing—I have always wanted to do that. And, yeah just like your kids, we expect ours might like to do something different, but it would be super cute if they paired up. Our eldest, who is still under two, already can hold a beat and dance in step. He definitely did not get that from me, lol.

  2. A lovely family picture and great article!!!

    1. Em’s a rockstar, and we love that photo, too!

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