Art Is Life

My grandfather’s funeral is today, and I have had a difficult week. Therefore, I haven’t come up with anything clever to share. However, I thought I’d do something different: I would share a special post: examples of my artwork. I first began learning to draw with a cheap how-to book in September, 2020. Before that, I could not draw a stick figure; I have come a long way in seven months. I, of course, know there is, yet, a longer way to go, but I am proud of my progress.

Between writing, art, and school. I have made it through this pandemic and given my life a new direction. I will be adding a photography page later this year: I have several pieces collecting virtual dust, lol.

Again, to all my followers and subscribers, I love and appreciate you all. This blog and the work I’m doing with it has given me the excuse I needed to live my best life.

I hope you enjoy it. God bless.

W. Alexander


by W. Alexander | Pastel

Ramses II

by W. Alexander | Conceptual 2


by W. Alexander | Conceptual 2 | *I made for my sister

Love of Reading

by W.Alexander | Line Art (Synthetic)

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3 responses to “Art Is Life”

  1. As a firsthand witness to your journey with art, I can see the joy it brings you. I also get to enjoy all the beautiful pieces you create! It’s amazing to see you flourish with art and writing; I can’t wait to see where it goes!

  2. Dear Alex,

    I pray you and your family are well. Those are wonderful! Keep up with the drawings. I too have a love for art. I would share them but I don’t like to make them public. If you would like me to share I will gladly, only privately.

    Kind regards, Tanya

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    1. Tanya, of course, I would love to see your work. You got my email!

      And, I am praying for you and your family too.

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