I am Published!

I am published, well soon-to-be anyway. My poem Escape Second Death, will be added to PoetsChoice’s new anthology book It’s Not Easy. I admit, I did not consider that my first published work would be poetry—I am a prose guy. However, I am excited, thrilled, and intoxicated from seeing that Accepted on my Submittable; I feel validated. Details are still coming.

Writing everyday is the dream. Writing is my pulse. I am excited to finally be able to answer the dreaded question, “Are you actually published?” with a, “Yes!” I pray this poem is the first among many, of my works, to find itself in front of readers. I am blessed and humbled, and, perhaps, way too excited over a minor publication, but, to me, it is the first points-on-the-board; I shot a three from deep.

I am not sure what I can post about the poem, so, I won’t be providing a copy of it here, until I know more about what I can do. Of course, once it goes into print, I will shout-out to everyone.


My wife and I have been buried in renovations—we don’t know why we decided to do so much at once—and the last two weeks has been filled with family and other strains on my time—volunteering, Church, favors and commitments, etcetera. My writing has really dropped off. Hoping for the routine to spark again soon.

Some Updates:

Next week, I will be in Acadia for the week. N.L., Blandford will be taking over my blog. She is a great author, with a debut release, and will share her insight and wisdom with you in the upcoming post.

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5 responses to “I am Published!”

  1. That is so exciting CONGRATULATIONS

    1. Thank you 😊. Eeek! I’m excited

  2. Ekmark, Tanya Avatar
    Ekmark, Tanya

    Hey! I just wanted to say congratulations!!?? I cannot wait to be able to read your work! I pray you and your family are all well. I started writing again as well. It has been years but it started out as journaling my trials through these past 2 years. I feel like the Lord is still putting my faith to the test and continues to throw hardships at me left and right, but I also know that the Devil is behind it all and I refuse to allow him to win this battle.

    Prayers are with you and your family still. And thank you for sharing your accomplishments! I enjoy reading them.

    Kind regards, Tanya

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    1. I’m praying for you, and thank you for the warm comment. You’re a strong woman.

      God bless you.

      Email me, again, sometime if you need to talk it out.

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