A Nod To Derry’s Son

This piece was originally published by The Closed Eye Open in February, 2022. I hope you enjoy this addition to my portfolio, and let me know what you think. Interacting with this post helps more people see my poetry.

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A Nod To Derry’s Son

Derry, New Hampshire was the longtime home of Robert Frost. This poem is in dedication to my favorite poetry book: North of Boston, and his poem October.

A nod to him whom attended Lady Derry’s autumn tempests, gyrating orange and red and yellow leaves, dancing alongside stone-walled pastures, caroling in voices divine.

Beneath a chimney smoking, her singing overheard, the man north of Boston, stirred.

With his pen he picked and plowed and tilled her mysteries, and, in return, a thousand rhythms’ ineffable conceived expression.

Her rolling hills and tree lined cathedrals, he interpreted.

In his toil, she delighted.

For he, the Poet, penned psalms performed by the winds and cries he earwigged from her cold, autumn skies.

To him whom attended Lady Derry’s autumn tempests, a nod is given.

—W. Alexander

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3 responses to “A Nod To Derry’s Son”

  1. Let’s start a conversation. What did you think of the poem?

  2. I love how much this poem just envelopes the senses! The reds, the oranges… it just brings you in. My favorite part is “With his pen he picked and plowed and tilled her mysteries” – I think the alliteration is so clever, in addition to those verbs paired with the pen exploring Derry’s mysteries… I think it’s just such a perfect line!

    1. Thank you! This poem is all about how a writer, come and gone, a man who changed the world, can still be heard through his work.

      I hope more and more people will find this poem an experience worth pausing and reading.

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