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I’m changing how I post content.

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Alexander Dunford

I’ve made a major change to In fact, I purchased a new domain: Both URL’s are active still, so you only need to subscribe to my new newsletter. The reason I updated and optimized my website is because I wanted to focus on delivering great content. School is over, and it’s time to turn my blog into something marketable.

Unfortunately, talent doesn’t determine a writer’s success, instead a writer’s marketability determines if they will be traditionally published or shown the door. Some writers voluntarily elect to self-publish, never approaching a major or minor publishing house, because it is easier to make a lot more money—if you are a good marketeer. However, I’m not focused on money, but I am concerned with growth. What I care about right now is writing the best damn prose I can scratch on paper. And I want you to join me.

When my novel is done, I want to be ready to send it straight to the top. I want to show my publisher that I have enough of a following to warrant them taking a risk on my book.

My readers have a great opportunity here to get to know me, as my Newsletter will run similar to how I have been posting. The difference being the content will be premium and well-put together, and will hopefully attract thousands of new readers.

Remember to subscribe at the top of the page. And will you do me a favor? Will you share my website, maybe your favorite poem of mine or this post or the link to my newsletter, on your own social media? It makes a huge difference.

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