Sketches, Paintings—Digital and Acrylic

Unnamed, By. W. Alexander, 21 January 2022


Anubis, by W. Alexander

Joker, by W. Alexander

For painting Joker, I used my Wacom tablet. This was my second time drawing him, and I wanted to really make him pop. And, wow, I succeeded. This is arguably my best piece yet. Look at how expressive his face is? Do you see the color range? Do you see the depth of the shading?

Mushu, by Alexander

Portrait of a goddess—the wife of W. Alexander., by W. Alexander

Shakespeare, by W. Alexander

Pharaoh, by W. Alexander.

Completed 4/8/21.

Using a drawing tablet is very different than charcoal and paper (my usual). There is definitely a learning curve.

Batman, by W. Alexander

Doodle of Anubis, by W Alexander

Weight of Deconstruction, by W. Alexander

Ravenclaw’s House, Eagle, by W. Alexander

Medium—color pencils

Bluey, by W. Alexander.

“I painted this, via acrylics, for my son’s upcoming second-birthday,”—W. Alexander.

Depressed elder, by W. Alexander

Passion, by W. Alexander

Winnie The Pooh, by W. Alexander

From his sketchbook: Doodles

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