My wife featured in SKATING Magazine

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Most of you don’t know that I married a celebrity (Olympian and professional ice-dancer) and that we, now, abode in picturesque New Hampshire. Recently, she interviewed for SKATING Magazine. I will brag on my wife every chance I get.

I can, with one-hundred percent confidence, tell you that my wife is just as impressive in her personal life as she is in public.

I’m so proud of the woman Emily is, and the inspiration she is to so many girls.

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Want to learn more about Emily and I? Visit my about page here.

Meet Hannah, My Newborn Daughter

On 1/11, at 11:59 pm, my daughter, Hannah, was born. She is our second child, only girl, and every bit my princess. I always wanted a daughter; I dreamed of raising my own princess since I, first, knew I wanted children. Do not mistake me, I love my son more than the masters of poetry could ever declare, but there is something special between a father and daughter. It is hard to put a finger on it, but like an unseen wind, it is felt.

I caught my princess, when she was born. With blood smeared hands, I felt her fragile body inhale and exhale her first breath. True, I loved her before I met her, but in my hands electricity passed between us. The very spirit of God knitting us together, forever. Hannah, and I fell in love instantly; I knew then-and-there, I would give all of me, for as long as I live, without hesitation, to her happiness.

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Like I mentioned, something special passes between a father and daughter that stretches beyond cliche, beyond affection, beyond reason. Perhaps, special might be a word overtaxed, but is not all exhausted language proof mankind cannot, always, match the right words with our deepest feelings; is it not proof some feelings like the love shared between parents and their children, are ineffable? I believe it so.

Emily(my wife), and I ask for prayers and good vibes as we adjust to another child.

This post serves two purposes: One, to show off my beautiful daughter and our happy little family. Two, to inform you that school begins, again, Monday. Excited! Yes, I am busy, but I am happy. Sorry there are no writing tips or book reviews this weekend, but, hopefully, you understand. God bless you all.

P.S. Nathaniel (our son), loves his little sister and has not stopped giving her kisses. Tonight, after dinner, he tried to comfort her crying by giving her one of his stuffed animals. He is so sweet! I am one lucky daddy.

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